We currently offer our BIG Deal Book to select individuals and businesses in the Wellington area, spanning approximately 5,000 addresses. Our collective advertising model is a fraction of the cost of mailing an individual mailer, with the added bonus of an online version as well. This allows our advertisers to pass on their savings through their deals – in print and online!

We Don’t Publish Ads — We Publish DEALS!

To advertise with us, you must provide a deal in your ad space. This deal must be valid throughout the 2 months of each publication. Your deal is the main draw to your business, and we give preferential placement to the deals we feel are the most attractive — so be sure to give a good deal that will attract prospective customers. Your deal cannot be a standard offer that a person off the street could get – that’s why it’s a deal.*

Do You Have a Deal?

We publish all deals in print and online – including our social media pages! Like Us!@


In order to keep a classy, uniform look for all deals, we do the artwork for you. You may provide us with up to 2 images (for a logo and an ad pic), we do not accept completed full-artwork intended to fill entire ad spaces. The images you provide MUST BE 300dpi, this is a necessity because we will only publish high-quality and high resolution work.

All advertisers will provide the text for their deal. In an effort to keep things tidy, we limit the text for the deal titles, subtitles and body text – because people buy visually anyways!

Standard Size Deal Rates (Per Bi-Monthly Issue):

  • Single Ad (discounted with multiple months purchase)

You may purchase a Single Wide OR Single High Deal Space:

  •  6.5"w x 3"h OR
  • 3.13"w x 6.38"h

Please specify your preference when ordering. Due to ad space availability, your ad shape may be left to the discretion of the designers.

Want an Even BIGGER Deal? (Per Bi-Monthly Issue):

  •  Double Ad  (discounted with multiple months purchase)

You may purchase a Double Wide OR Double High Deal Space:

  •  3.13”w x 13”h OR
  • 6.58”w x 6.38”h

Please specify your preference (2xW or 2xH) when ordering.

Bigger Ad Size and Placement Options:

  • Half-Page
  • Full-Page
  • Front Cover Ads +30% charge (limited space available)
  • Back Cover +20% charge

Get a step ahead:

We are more than happy to republish your deal each bi-monthly, remember- the mail routes vary each publication, so new homes see your ad each issue.

Beyond a single publication ad purchase, save money with these multiple bi-monthly options:

  • 1 publication ad placement
  • 3 publication ad placement
  • 6 publication ad placement

(see link below for agreement and rates)

Reserve your ad space:

To purchase a deal, CALL 561-598-3683 OR Email

Checks can be made out to:

Green Group Studio, Inc.
8461 Lake Worth Road
Lake Worth, FL 33467

Time to put your deal together!

Once you purchase an ad, please download and fill out our November Sales Agrement and Pricing. Once your payment is confirmed and you have filled out the agreement, our team will begin to put your ad together! We will send you a proof before the ad goes to print.

Emil to:
Now you'll know your Local Ad is Done Right!

Get started

Want to get started or learn more? Send us a message on our Contact page, or give us a call at 561-598-3683.